Andrej Kamnik


Andrej Kamnik is a young, creative visual artist living and working in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
He studied at the Academie of Fine Arts Ljubljana (ALU), where he finished also his postgraduate study of painting and video.

Kamnik's work explores the painting and its constituted parts. Through the three main starting-points: plan, incorporation and image, he research the possibilities of archetipic changes of painting as an object and its image as an illusion.

Recentley he explore the dynamic relations between painting and architecture -(dynamic between 2d surface and 4d of the moving perception).

Kamnik's wall application can be seen at the Pristop agency in Ljubljana.
He worked at the group project of Observatory at the IUAV university of Venice. The project was exhibited at the VV2 -50. International Art Exhibition in Venice, known as Venice Fine Arts Biennale. He also exhibited his art projects at the U3 triennal of slovenian contemporary art in the Moderna gallery in Ljubljana, Ars electronica (Linz), LJU cons BRU gallery in Brussels, Articolo project Muenchen and in the Kapelica gallery (Ljubljana).


ALU Student workshop award

Academy of fine arts Ljubljana(ALU) award for the special study acheevment

Trimo research award